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About the Artist

I was born in Lancashire in the UK, in 1985.  My father is also a full time professional animal artist and so naturally I grew up watching him painting and learning from him. After school I'd take him a cup of tea up to the attic, which was his studio at the time, and I'd see what he was painting. I always loved drawing and doodling as a child, and this combined with my love of the natural world led me to draw more seriously when I left college.

From there, in 2006 and having my father as my teacher, I began painting using traditional oil paints on canvas. It was around this time that I was also working as a fashion model, but I quit the modelling industry a couple of years later to allow myself to fully concentrate on my career as an artist. I soon realised that creating detailed, realistic oil paintings came naturally to me. I was painting nearly everyday, determined to hone and refine my skills as an artist, with a passion for detail and accuracy. Like myself, my older sister Sarah also went on to become an animal artist, so it's definitely something that runs in our family!


Over the years I have produced hundreds of paintings featuring all kinds of different animals and I have sold my paintings to collectors worldwide. 

In 2015 my partner and I emigrated from the UK to a village in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria. We lived with our young daughter in a quiet hamlet next to a forest. After living in Bulgaria for 7 years, experiencing the culture, meeting new people and having new experiences, we eventually moved back to the UK to be closer to family.



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