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Gift Vouchers

Pet portraits make a special gift for any pet lover. But perhaps you don't have suitable photos, enough time, or you're not sure which photo the recipient would prefer to base the painting on. A gift voucher is a great way of gifting a pet portrait, which also allows the recipient to be involved in the process and any other aspects of the painting. They're also perfect as a last minute gift which is still thoughtful and unique. 

I can provide either a physical gift voucher (along with an envelope) delivered to the purchaser or recipient, or as an E-Voucher. Please be sure to read my Terms and Conditions below before purchasing a gift voucher.

                                                                   Terms and Conditions

 Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, and must be redeemed before the expiry date shown on the voucher. I can extend this at the time of purchase if you're buying it several weeks in advance of gifting the voucher.

• The gift voucher is for one p
et portrait oil painting on canvas featuring one pet (unless more pets are specified at the time of purchase), in a painting size of your choice as opposed to a monetary value. This will protect you against any price rises in the 12 months that the voucher is valid. To view my price list and sizes, click here.

• Once purchased, gift vouchers are non-refundable.

• Once a gift voucher is redeemed by the recipient and I have received their chosen photo, their order will be added to my waiting list at that time as opposed to when the voucher is purchased.

• The gift voucher can only be used once.

• The gift voucher will have a unique code on it which the recipient is to tell me when they are ready to redeem their voucher. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and the recipient to ensure the code is kept secret and not used by anyone else without their consent.


• The gift voucher does not include stretching or framing.


• The recipient can opt for a larger portrait if they wish, and pay the difference. The difference in price will be determined from my price list at the time the voucher is redeemed.

 The gift voucher cannot be used to order a smaller sized portrait than the size stated on the voucher once purchased.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

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